About Us


The SUPERNOVA story started long before ever bottling the first batch. It began with my first taste of real, authentic homemade hot sauce. I’ve always had an appreciation for spicy food and a bottle of hot sauce was never out of reach in my kitchen. But the day my mother came home and presented me with an authentic homemade sauce – unlabeled, chunky, and a beautiful red-orange – I knew from the first whiff that it was something special. Needless to the say that the first taste was just as incredible and it got me thinking about how I could match her sauce and even out do it. I realized what it was about this particular sauce that differentiated itself from commercial hot sauces out there today: flavor and heat.

I started experimenting with different combinations and shared them with family and friends. After much trial and error I’ve perfected the SUPERNOVA recipe and wish to share my passion for hot sauce with the world. When you’ve had your first taste, this sauce will certainly excite your senses like no other . With the support of the whole SUPERNOVA team, we are here to bring rich flavours and bold heat to spice lovers like yourself!

-Vic Nova